Bygone Bugs

Shot 32 - Took from storyboard to final.

Natalie chenard 61 mudmenportal layers3

Painting layout, along with animating foreground and background elements for the shot

SFX BygoneBugs

Bygone Bugs Credits - Design and animated credit sequence

"Bygone Bugs", a short animated film directed by Barnabus Wornoff
Commissioned by Seneca College as part of "Precipice: Seneca’s Ultimate Remix" for premiere at "Nuit Blanche" in Toronto.

Filled several roles on the project to complete the film. Animated traditionally and with rigs. Created new and refined existing layouts, cleaning up 2D aspects of scenes, making SFX, and designing and animating the end credits.

I also supported my director with keeping track of shots and monitoring how things are going with the 3D team on their rendering and compositing.

September 14, 2019